Morevna Fanart by LoboZamora.

español Fanart del personaje Morevna, del corto animado: The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna, creado por Konstantin Dmitriev.
English Fanart of the Character Morevna, from the animated short: The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna, created by: Konstantin Dmitriev.

Morevna Fanart By LoboZamora

español Primero, el dibujo a Lapiz.
English First, the pencil drawing.
Morevna Fanart - pencil

español Segundo paso, Limpiado y entintado en mi opcion gratis favorita al Sai, conocida como: MyPaint.
English Second step, inking on my open source favorite option to Sai, that called: MyPaint.
Morevna fanart - ink on mypaint

español Tercer paso, Coloreo con Synfig Studio.
English Third step, Colored it with Synfig Studio.
morevna fanart - color on synfig
morevna fanart - color on synfig

español Background tomado del corto animado: The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna.
English Background take it from the animated short: The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna.
Morevna - background from animation

español Bueno, Si todavia no has visto el Corto animado lo posteare a continuacion.
English Well, If you still have not seen the animated Short I’ll post it below.

español Si quieres saber mas acerca de del Corto animado o de los personajes de: The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna, puedes visitar su Blog en el siguiente enlace:
English If you want to know more about the animated short or characters of: The Beautiful Queen Marya Morevna, visit his blog at the following link:

español Todo el material aqui expuesto, estan bajo los terminos de la licencia de atribucion creative commons.
English All material exposed here, are under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

5 Replies to “Morevna Fanart by LoboZamora.”

  1. Nice picture. And why did you used Synfig Studio instead of, say, Inkscape for the static image? Do you plan participate in Morevna Project or draw your own movie?

    1. Thanks, Im glad that you like it ^-^ Well Im new on the opensource software world like a one year, and for the moment I dont learn to use InkScape, I have to tested and learn how to used too :3 I used Synfig instead of Gimp o Mypaint to colored because I can Like the color areas and change the colors more easy in all the picture, Plus: the Synfig have some layers effects like gimp. :3
      I already participate like Vectorized on morevna project demo, you can find me in the credits like: Carlos Zamora Ruiz, And yes I really like want do my own animated project too ^-^

    1. El mae le iva a seguir breteando mas partes al corto, pero le dieron una donacion y le dijeron que hiciera lo que quisisera con el dinero asi que se puso a trabajar en mejorar el Synfig por que el mae tambien programa.

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